Centre for Environmental Management and Control (CEMAC) is registered with National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), and other relevant regulatory agencies to render consultancy services to federal and state governments, companies, individuals, etc.
The centre engages in public advocacy programs as part of its social responsibility functions to the general society and its immediate community. We collaborate with Federal Ministry of Environment, Brook Haven National Laboratory, USA, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMAs), National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), National Oil Spill Detection and Response (NOSDRA) etc on research and education of the general public on behavioural modifications that will help protect lives, livelihood, and the earth while conserving the limited natural resources.
Particularly, over the years, the Centre’s collaboration with NEMA has translated to building capacity and training man-power required in the management of disasters and disaster risk reduction in the country. The Center attracts postgraduate students who have passion for environmental and sustainability management. Our programs offer flexible schedules to attract the mature students. The programs are policy-oriented and focus on the management and policy issues that influence environmental decisions. Since inception, the Centre has graduated over 25 Ph.D. and 87 M.Sc. students.

Our research interests span through:
Environmental Education and Sustainable Development

(1) Climate change and waste management education

(2) Legal issues in environmental management

(3) Environmental psychology

(4) Politics and policy of environmental management

Sustainability and Natural Resource Management

(1) Biodiversity & agricultural systems conservation

(2) Rural livelihoods and food security strategies

(3) Integrated management of water and land resources

(4) Poverty and sustainable consumption

(5) Green architecture

(6) Soil and land use planning

Sustainable Pollution Remediation and Management

(1) Bioremediation and/or Phytoremediation technology

(2) Environmental monitoring, chemistry and technology

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

(1) Flood mitigation plan and coping strategies

(2) Erosion abatement and impact mitigation strategies

(3) Abatement strategies for desertification

(4) Oil spillage incidences and emergency response

(5) Management of Boko Haram and/or herdsmen attack, militancy and communal clashes

(6) Environmental degradation and urbanisation

Chemical Security Management and Sustainable Living

(1) Chemical security threats

(2) Risk and vulnerability assessment for reduction and mitigation techniques of chemical security

(3) Supply chain and inventory management systems

(4) Risk communication and management plan
Environmental Epidemiology, Occupational & Ecological Risk Assessment

(1) Air, water and soil pollution and quality assessments

(2) Health risk assessment and disease outbreak

(3) Occupational health risk assessment

(4) Water and public health

(5) Environmental impact assessment

Circular Economy and Conscious Manufacturing

(1) Sustainability and conscious manufacturing

(2) Waste minimization and management

(3) Life cycle assessment (LCA)

(4) Material/Energy Flow Analysis

Climate Change Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation

(1) Air quality and climate change

(2) Ecosystems and climate change

(3) Energy and climate change

(4) Human health and climate

(5) Atmospheric science

(6) Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies

Oil and Gas Management

(1) Oil spills science and vandalization: Operations and Sabotage, Response and Remediation

(2) Alternative and Renewable Energy

(3) Petroleum Economics and Business

(4) Project and Quality Management in the Energy Industry

(5) Investment Decision and Risk Analysis in the Energy Industry

(6) Sustainability in Petroleum Exploration, Production & Transportation