Article 1
Using the DPSIR framework and data analytics to analyze oil spillages in the Niger delta area.

Article 2
Modeling landscape sustainability in the oil producing Niger delta area of Nigeria.

Article 3
Urban sustainability management: A deep learning perspective.

Article 4
Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

Article 5
Exposure risks to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by humans and livestock (cattle) due to hydrocarbon spill from petroleum products in Niger-delta wetland.

Article 6
Removal of crude oil polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons via organoclay-microbe-oil interactions.

Article 7
Assessment of the groundwater quality of a highly populated district in Enugu State of Nigeria.

Article 8
Chapter 9 – Characteristics of clay minerals relevant to bioremediation of environmental contaminated systems.

Article 9
Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA): A case study of Nigeria (Published in 2019).

Article 10
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Article 11
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Article 12
In-vitro effects of four heavy metals on glyphosate utilization by some bacteria isolated from rice fields. Okpala, NG and Moneke, AN (2010). African Journal of Microbiology Research 4 (16): 1775 – 1783

Article 13
Application of photosynthetic microalgae as efficient pH bio-stabilizers and bio-purifiers in sustainable aquaculture of Clarias gariepinus (African Catfish) fry. Ahamefule, SC, Ogbonna, JC, Moneke, AN & Ossai, NI (2018). Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology 35 (2): 139 – 150

Article 14
Renewable waste substrates of plant origin for bioethanol production. Amadi O. C. Okolo B. N., Moneke A. N., Agu R. C., (2015). 30th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management. Philadelphia, USA. March 15 -18.

Article 15
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Article 16
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Article 17
Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (2017)

Article 18
Priority Assessment of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA): A Case Study of Nigeria (Published in 2017)

Article 19
Evolving Disaster Relief Supply Chain Quality Management (DRSCQM) into Nigeria’s Emergency Operations(Published in 2017)

Article 20
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Article 21
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Article 22
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Article 23
Solid Waste Disposal Pattern of Sellers in Mile One Market, Port Harcourt River State and Potential Health Impacts. Okeji M.C, Davids B.G, Eze H.I, Ogbuene E.B, Eze C.N, Agu C.C and Odinkonigbo U.L (2016). SYLWAN Journal Vol.160 No. 8